A headphone is an absolute necessity in our daily lives because not everyone likes to hear what you want to hear. It was the year 1881 when the first headphone was invented, about 10 pounds in weight, and was used only by telephone operators.

In the year 1895, a headphone was used to hear opera sounds straight to the listeners own home for a price. It was like a stethoscope back then, but later in the year 1910, a modern headphone was invented by Nathaniel Baldwin. Since then, new advances in headphone technology immersed.

For headphone enthusiasts, you know how it feels to have a good and reliable headphone. The main thing that is important for you in choosing the right headphone is its ability to produce surround sound, clear voice, on-point beat, convenience and of course comfort.

USB-C Charging Port

From wired to wireless, headphones technology is rapidly growing. Wired headphones are the standard for many years until wireless popped up in the market. This year, wireless headphones are charge via USB-C charging port because the majority of devices now charge via the same port. This is to point the convenience of having one charger compatible with all your devices.

Battery Life

Another is the battery life of wireless headphones. For people who are relying their living on headphones, having a long battery life is very imperative. Battery life of headphones is now extended for additional hours. Sony is claiming that they extended their headphone’s battery life up to 30 hours, while Beyerdynamic is also claiming that theirs can go up to 46 hours.

Smart Design

We can also get smart designs of headphones this year. The designs meet comfort and function which are very suitable for people who use headphones for work. Some company brands integrated LED which lits according to the harmony of the sound to make their headphones look cooler and smart than the average.