Here Are Perfect Types of Explainer Videos for A startup

Explainer Videos

When thinking of making your products and services known over the internet, what comes first into many business owners’ minds is fresh and well-written web content.  While this and social media marketing work wonders, you do not have to underestimate the power of explainer videos. Today, they are the hotcake and most successful websites incorporate them for their power to drive massive traffic to a website. In fact, most startups have benefitted hugely by having their sites rank well on Google and other search engines, and also realized a boost in revenue after using these videos. Here are some of the commonly used types of explainer videos by the most successful businesses that we thought you should try on your website.

a)    Testimonial videos

As their name suggests, they are just that kind of videos. These explainer videos are based on the stories and people’s testimonials. If your site entails explaining yourself or the kind of products and services you are offering to your audience, then you should choose this kind of video.

b)    Whiteboard animation videos for websites

This type of videos is generally embraced by companies. These explainer videos are often limitless when explaining your products and services. Companies choose them for their black and white illustrations that explain about your products and services fast and easily. The fact that these illustrations are affordable and fun to watch makes these videos stand out.

c)    Stop motion videos

Such explainer videos are made using a photography animated method. When creating one for your site, you will need to move objects in a series of frames but small increments. In the end, these objects seem like they are moving. The technique has been borrowed from some movies and short films. When you use stop-motion videos on your business website, you will be sure to visually entertain your audience and also lure them to subscribe to your services and products.

d)    Kinetic topography

Kinetic topography explainer videos are ideal for a startup since they entail sequentially sharing inspirational text. Their creativity inspires a massive audience, attracting their attention. They are known to be among the leading explainer videos that most successful online merchants use these days. Once you captivate your audience attention, there is a high chance of them becoming your clients.

Use the above videos today in your startup business, and you will be sure to achieve best results in your business.