Handy Tips When Writing a Script for Your Next Explainer Video

Explainer Video

With the many website marketing strategies, there are these days; explainer videos beat them all. These, normally short videos that describe company products and services will see your site realize its potential in a snap of a finger. You will notice that many marketers these days are embracing the use of the explainer videos on their site, because of the many advantages they have. But at the same time, they may as well not be effective if you commit slightest mistakes while creating them. To create an explainer video, one needs to start by writing a perfect script.  A script needs to follow few rules as you can see below.

a)    Length

An explainer video should show your visitors how to use your goods and services to solve their aching problems. This said you do not have to include any information that does not add value, e.g., the history of your company or achievements. Also, cut down on too long explanations as the video only needs to be about 60 to 90 seconds, and also long explanation will confuse your target audience. Be sure only to place vital elements so that you explain your products and concepts as quickly as you could.

b)    Explain the problem

The explainer video needs only to explain the features of your product and how they will solve your visitor’s problems. Speak to your audience and explain to them how your products can be of help to them. If you can, demonstrate the problem to your viewers and also how you will solve it. If you do this, you will enable the viewer to make an immediate decision.

c)    Plan your script before executing it

Ensure you have a specific plan for executing your script. This allows the video to cover every base there is to be covered, in an appealing way. Ensure the video has a purpose and also have an outline beforehand so that you hit every essential point.

d)    Let the script be actual

Many merchants overlook having an actual script. However, a real ensure that you appear both knowledgeable and professional. It makes you come across comprehensive in the explainer video. Ensure you double check your script wording and ensure it is appealing to your target audience. At the end of your script, do not forget to add a call to action segment where you will tell your viewers what step to take next after they complete watching the video.