Coolest Types of explainer videos for a Startup

explainer videos

Globally today in the online industry, the business people have embraced explainer videos as their perfect marketing tool. The videos are using audiovisuals for educational purposes. They pull the viewers to attention on what your business products and services entail. When a site embraces the use of explainer videos, they benefit from having their sites ranking high thus a high conversion rate. With the high competition from other online entrepreneurs, a wise business person needs to think of creative ways of staying ahead of the rest. Explainer videos have from the recent past proved to be the most effective way of staying atop. We have gone through some of the most successful e-commerce websites, and these are some of the types of the coolest explainer videos that they use.

1.    Kinetic Topographic Animation

This type of video delivers your intended message by use of words. Most successful websites still use it to date. Such explainer videos hugely rely on words and numeric. It is then spiced up with a well-fitting animation and some background music. With these kinds of explainer videos on your site, you will be able to inspire the minds of your viewers. They help the site owner to express an idea and influence your viewers thinking. In the end, you will find that you have ultimately moved your customers’ feelings to subscribe to your services or make a purchase.

2.    Screencast Explainer Video

These kinds of explainer videos incorporate the imagery from the screen as the e-commerce site is being used. It effectively shows the viewer how an application functions in real time. They are used by a website to show viewers how to interact with certain applications without the use of texts. While compared to animated videos, these types of explainer videos are pocket-friendly, yet their quality is high. Most businesses with a YouTube channel will often use these types of videos since they are low cost and their results are far and reaching.

3.    Live Action Explainer Videos

This is where real people are used in a video to explain the business or your products and services. They are considered better than animated videos because they manage to connect emotionally with real people since it is real people who are used. If you are selling people-oriented products and services, then this is the best types of videos to use. These videos are often costlier than animated videos because more often, it is the renowned celebrities that are used as cast.