How to Write the Perfect Script for Animated Explainer Videos: 3 Essential Tips to Keep in Mind

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If you have the perfect script, you will make the perfect video! Here is how to write the perfect script for animated explainer videos! All you have to do is follow these 3 tips!

The animated explainer videos are not videos created with cute and fun characters. Before these characters come to life and share a message, a professional explainer video production goes through a long process of hard work. Yes, there is a whole process of making an animated explainer video and everything starts with the script.

A lot of people ask – What is the secret to writing an engaging and solid explainer video script? Well, if you are one of those people who is asking this question, this is your lucky day as you have come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to present you a few great tips on how to write the perfect script for animated explainer videos.

1. Keep in mind the classic script structure:

By following the classic video script structure you will ensure your script is properly written and you will have bigger chances of success such as attracting the attention of the viewers, motivating the viewers to take an action, increased conversions, more sales, and bigger profit. The classic video script structure is based on 3 essential acts: beginning, middle, and conclusion. In an animated explainer video script, these 3 acts remain almost the same, with a little reworking: what, how, and why. The first thing that your script should provide is what problem your brand solves, you need to explain how you are going to solve that problem, and why your target audience should consider buying your products or services.

2. Make it short:

You have no idea how important the length of the video is. The longer a video is, the less likely your target people will watch it all the way through. According to one research, more than 80% of the people watch an entire 30-second video and around 50% will watch a video completely if it lasts less than 2 minutes. We know that you have a lot to say and share with your viewers but if you want to create an effective video, you must focus on the important things only. The script is what determines the script of your video, however, how do you know how long your script will be on video. Well, 160 scripted words are around 1 minute on video. Make the calculations and based on this create your script.

3. Get straight to the point:

This will also help you make a shorter explainer video. In order to deliver your business idea directly and quickly and share the message with your people, you need to get straight to the point. You shouldn’t try to explain everything about your business, all the products you offer, and etc. Take some time to think about what it is important to include in your video and what is not so important. Once the viewers will get really interested in your product or service, you will connect with them and explain everything they want to know.

When writing the script, it is really important to focus on your audience. They are the ones that are important and they will decide whether your video sucks or whether your video is worth watching again and again. You need to come up with a script that is both interesting and educating. Don’t hesitate to use your humor, viewers will surely appreciate it.

Let us know if you know some other techniques on how to write the perfect animated explainer video script.

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